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When do Radio Halton broadcast?

HeadphonesYou can hear Radio Halton exclusively in Halton General Hospital 24 hours a day, as our broadcasts continue overnight thanks to our Myriad software providing a 'round the clock' schedule.  We have a hard-wired system to the bedside and the speakers.  We are now able to broadcast within the hospital on the Trust intranet, so staff in departments where there are no speakers would be able to access the service on their workstation computers

About 15 people volunteer their time to provide the service to patients, visitors and staff

We're making more songs available on the playlist so that the same songs don't come round too often.  We've recently added some tunes we're were asked for, but didn't have, so we've put that right:

  • The Bee Gees 'Stayin' alive'

  • Abba 'Tiger'

  • Luther Vandross 'Never too much'

  • The Stylistics 'I'm stone in love with you'
          • The Beach Boys 'Cottonfields'

It's slow work to get more of the older songs included - but we are getting there bit by bit

What is hospital radio? 

freephone on the wardVolunteer Rob chats to patientOur volunteers visit patients on the wards and chat with them to help them relax - find out what music they like to listen to 

In between volunteer visits, patients can use the Radio Halton freephone to request a mention or a song to help the time pass more easily

Volunteer Rob chats to a patient

Patients can settle back into bed or an easy chair and relax to favourite music through ...

headset...the bedside headset - it's all technology from more than 40 years ago - no wires involved here, just a pipe into the console on the wall with a volume knob and a channel knob - so it is literally piped music! 

  • Select channel 3 for Radio Halton

  • Select channel 2 for BBC Radio 2

We hope to be able to add BBC Radio Merseyside to another channel soon

There are loudspeakers in the outpatient clinic waiting areas and also in Entrance 1 - nearest the busway - to help people relax whilst sitting there

Do you know someone in hospital?  You can find the station that serves their hospital and request a song or send them a message.  Just click on the HBA logo below to go to the site of the organisation for hospital radio in the whole of the UK

HBA logoAre you interested in joining hospital broadcasting?  If so, you can find out what we need people to do on our Join page


The benefits of music in hospitalSwarb at the Brindley 09

Legendary folk musician Dave Swarbrick says, "Hospital radio is a fantastic service, with volunteers giving their time free to entertain patients with music.  When I have been in hospital, which is quite considerable, I have been very glad of it.  As a musician, you don't realise the therapeutic effect it can have until you are receiving it yourself.  Without having music and great friends around me in hospital, I would have been climbing the walls.  Keep up the good work"

Find out more here... Why do we provide music?

Russell WatsonRussell Watson also told how music helped him through illness, when chatting to Ken Bruce in Dec 2010:

"Music helps – during the times I’ve been really ill, I’ve listened to a lot of music and I find music incredibly therapeutic.  There were days particularly when I was having the radiotherapy treatment and when I felt really down, and it’d give me a little bit of a lift and a buzz inside"

Rugby League Commentaries

Vikings logo

During the First Utility Super League season, you can hear match commentaries on the Widnes Vikings games.  These are provided by our fellow volunteers at Warrington Hospital's Radio General, then relayed to Radio Halton via the hospital trust's intranet, at no cost



Angela Green, the FT and Communications Manager from Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust came to chat to us about that the Trust does and how we can help

She was talking to Pam Eastwood during February and March 2014, about the work Bridgewater does in Halton in child health and other specialist services.  She was looking for people living in Halton to become members of that Trust - as young as 14 year olds can join, to have their say about their services too


Hospital Family Open Day - Sunday 7 September 2014

Family Open DayWarrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust held a Family Open Day from 11 till 3 on Sunday 7 September.   The Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre and Halton General Hospital in Runcorn.  People had the chance to look around the operating theatre and other facilities, meet the teams and get some handy health advice from stands, with entertainment from live bands thrown in too

Open Day Little unAs part of the day, Radio Halton volunteers were pleased to give visitors a tour of our studio to see behind the scenes of where the music and information comes from - and have a try at presenting on air

This little one, Reese (with her Dad Mike) tried on the headphones but was too shy to speak, bless her...

Lisa getting ready

The Beardsworth family also took our studio tour and Mum Lisa tried her hand at reading out one of the 'What's On' items.   She was a bit nervous to start with .. but.. presenter Derek Gates put her at her ease ...

Lisa Beardsworth at the mic.. and she was faultlessly professional and really enjoyed being live on air.  We said we'd love her to join our team because she was so jolly and full of fun, but she's such a busy lady, work and family take up all her time

Brindley concert tickets

Kathryn from the Northern Chamber Orchestra  kindly donated 2 tickets for their concert on Sunday 9 March 2014 at The Brindley in Runcorn.  The critically-acclaimed NCO, one of the country’s finest chamber orchestras, played a delightful programme - perfect for a spring afternoon! 

Nicholas Ward violin

Vivaldi’s perennial good-mood-enhancer, The Four Seasons, played superbly by NCO’s Leader, Nicholas Ward, (pictured here) is bursting with melodic, virtuosic moments

The concert also provided an opportunity to hear the beautiful, lyrical playing of Elizabeth Jordan, NCO’s principal clarinet, in Weber’s Clarinet Concerto – arranged from the Clarinet Quintet

A lucky listener, Carol, won 2 tickets on Pam Eastwood's 'In Classical Mood' programme on Tuesday between 12 and 1 and correctly answered the competition question, "Who wrote The Four Seasons?" 


Interruption to serviceDoh!

From 21 March 2014, we were off air for a few days 
…while we removed the old failing mixer.  We're sorry that we were quiet for a couple of weeks
We saved funds by using the frame of the old mixer, the supplier fitting new parts inside it ...
When the new mixer was installed, it was so nice to be back... until ...

        StudioMessBucket      StudioMess3   StudioMess 

... disaster struck with a water leak through the ceiling damaged the mixer over the weekend of 26/27 April 2014.  The mixer and its power supply unit was sent back to the supplier to be repaired.  We finally got the service back on air on 12 June 2014 - thanks to the volunteers who did all the technical stuff!

New Programme

Vintage Yrs logoFrom March 2014 we have a new programme called The Vintage Years on a Friday lunchtime, featuring singers and bands from the 1920s up to the 1950s

It's presented by Jim Simpson, who sends us the programme via his website.   Find out more here thevintageyears.co.uk  and tune in between 1 and 2 o'clock to hear those vintage oldies

New Volunteers


We currently have three new people wishing to join us who are going through the recruitment process

National Hospital Request Chart

Mark Snowdon of Radio General in Warrington put together a national chart from hospitals all over the UK
See 2013's Top 40 as well as past years' charts at

Change the world - or at least Halton!

Our appeal for more volunteers is called "change the world" - we've put it on this page for you to hear - click on the link, then click your back button on your browser to return here

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