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  Hospital Radio run by volunteers for the patients, staff and visitors of Halton General Hospital in Runcorn, Cheshire - Registered Charity No 1068428

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Derek 2014

"Hi there, my name is Derek Gates.

I have lived locally for most of my life. My working background is ex-seaman and a career in the chemical industry for more years than I care to remember and I had the opportunity to take early retirement.  Along the way I have enjoyed doing D I Y and have had a successful career as a part time DJ and have always enjoyed music and entertaining people

I have appreciated the work done by volunteers, especially in a hospital environment so I decided to join them and I find it helps that you volunteer for something that you have experience in or enjoy doing.  Hospital radio fits the bill perfectly for me.  Hopefully, through the power of music and the art of conversation during ward rounds, I help people to feel a little better during their visit to Halton Hospital and it is always rewarding to meet new people

I play a wide variety of sounds from every decade for your enjoyment, including patientís requests, and I particularly enjoy music from the 60ís and 70ís"

Derek's programme is on Thursday mornings from 10am until 12noon


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Registered Charity No 1068428